Formulación y gestión de proyectos, grabación y producción de fotografía y video 360°, modelos analíticos de datos, desarrollo y mantenimiento de software.

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Do you have an idea for an app that will improve meaningfully any process and you do not know how to develop it?

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Do you have an obsolete app that requires changes, do you need help with the design and the development to make it more versatile?

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Are you programmer and would like to join our team?

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We like working on teams. If you believe that you can work on planning projects with us. Visit our Facebook page and let us know your ideas.

 We develop web projects adapted to the client’s needs, integrating them or developing new applications or within other information systems that the client already uses. Our projects provide the technological autonomy that each organization needs to not depend on third parties in the maintenance of the web application.

We understand that the development of web applications requires a process, through which the client establishes needs and business objectives and we present the most appropriate solution. For the development of a web application to be successful. We collect the client’s requirements and value their level of adaptation to the technology to offer them a customized project that is not oversized or that they cannot manage.

In Lotura we have launched web applications for independent e-commerce or integrated into existing ERP, CMS web content managers with user profiles, private areas for specific departments:

  • Employment exchange
  • Press room
  • Internal documentation manager or for suppliers and clients
  • Virtual stores for suppliers

We highlight specific web applications integrated in an intranet or extranet as forums, document managers, data queries from suppliers and clients, specific intranet for commercials where they manage their clients’ agenda and budgets presented, data collected from mobile or PDA and interpretation through graphics.

Development of web projects for the start-up of online businesse

  • Contacts portal
  • Payment content platform
  • Portal for sale of work of graphic designers
  • Social network for the chronically ill
  • Management of appointments for online laboratory
  • Management of congresses
  • Virtual shops

Do you have any project in mind or pending?